AOSA established in Hong Kong; Jiang Tao says AGI's evolution relies on computing power

Hong Kong, April 9, 2024 — Today, in a grand ceremony, the AGI Open Source Alliance ( officially announced its establishment in Hong Kong, marking a significant milestone in the global field of artificial intelligence. Initiated by Hashkey Group and WSDN, AOSA aims to promote the application and development of open-source ideas in the field of General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) and to build a cooperative and win-win ecosystem.

The "AGI Open Source Alliance" launching ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including HashKey Capital CEO Deng Chao, Hong Kong Cyberport CEO Zheng Songyan, Legislative Council Member of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Technology Innovation Sector) Qiu Dagen, Legislative Council Member of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Election Committee) Wu Jiezhuang, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Guo Yike, founder and president of CSDN Group Jiang Tao, General Manager of HashKey Tokenisation Liu Jia, Legislative Council Member of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Election Committee) Shang Hailong, and President of WSDN Lu Jian.

Knowledge Sharing, Cooperation, and Innovation

The establishment of AOSA responds to the growing global demand for AGI technology and the desire for open innovation. The alliance will leverage the regulatory framework provided by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to introduce Web3 incentive mechanisms to the global open-source industry, provide financial support to AGI entrepreneurs, and promote the healthy development of AGI technology.

The vision of AOSA is to encourage knowledge sharing, cooperation, and innovation through an open-source culture and to provide an open environment to foster the development of AGI. At the launching ceremony, Jiang Tao, founder of CSDN Group, delivered a speech on "The Evolution of the AGI Application Chain from Technical Facilities to the Application Layer", where he detailed the emergence of the AGI era and proposed that the advent of AGI brings changes in software from computational, development, to interaction paradigms.

"In the past, developers used technology stacks for development; in the future, they will guide AI in development through natural language interaction," said Jiang Tao. "Therefore, now is the golden age for developers."

The transformation of the AGI application layer is underpinned by the demand for computing power, which is the very purpose of the establishment of AOSA.

Evolution of AGI from Technical Infrastructure to Application Layer

The mission of AOSA is to continuously promote the industrial development of open-source and open AGI technology, establishing a cooperative and mutually beneficial ecosystem. The alliance aims to strengthen communication and cooperation in the AGI field, sharing the latest technologies and achievements, discussing future trends, and ultimately promoting the healthy development of general artificial intelligence technology and talent.

The establishment of AOSA also signifies the evolution of AGI technology from infrastructure to the application layer. As AGI technology matures, its application prospects in various industries are broad. AOSA will support AGI-related research, set industry standards, organize technology summits and forums, support startups and the education of talented youth, build an "industry-academia-research-application" ecosystem in the digital economy for open-source AGI technology, and participate in international and domestic exchanges and cooperation.

Jiang Tao of CSDN Group then emphasized: WEB3, representing the next generation of the internet, emphasizes decentralization, openness, and user sovereignty. Under this concept, the timely emergence of the AGI Open Network integrates global idle computing resources to provide an efficient, low-cost computational solution for various applications in the WEB3 ecosystem. The core of this network is to transform underutilized computing power into valuable services, thus supporting a wider range of AGI application development and deployment.

The AGI Open Network, through its distributed computational power API network, can provide stable, scalable backend support for these DApps, allowing developers to focus on application innovation and optimization without worrying about underlying computational constraints.

Furthermore, the AGI Open Network opens up new possibilities for smart contracts and blockchain services in WEB3. The execution of smart contracts and the maintenance of blockchain networks require a large amount of computing resources. Through the AGI Open Network, these resources can be more efficiently allocated and utilized, thereby improving the performance and reliability of the entire network.

In summary, AOSA will also promote the development of the AGI Open Network, a distributed computational power solution designed to fully utilize dispersed idle computing resources, such as mining machines, gaming consoles, and idle campus institutional computing power. By launching a distributed computational power API network, the alliance hopes to make resource consumption valuable, reduce AI computing costs, simplify AI application development, and bring more innovation.

The establishment of AOSA provides new opportunities and challenges for the global development of AGI technology. With the joint efforts of alliance members, the application of AGI technology will become more widespread.