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AOSA is a membership-based organization dedicated to building a global AI ecosystem empowerment platform. If you are looking to access various resources related to AGI technology, such as finding investments, projects, recruitment, service providers, or suppliers, your needs can be met here.

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AOSA is an innovative organization co-founded by Mr. Jiang Tao, the founder of CSDN Group, and Mr. Xiao Feng, the chairman of HashKey Group. Established in April 2024, it aims to promote open-source collaboration and innovative development in artificial intelligence technology, working together to shape the future of intelligent technology.

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Welcome to apply to join AOSA. Let's work together to advance open-source AGI technology, promote global technological cooperation and innovation, support high-quality development of industry and talent, and jointly create an open and win-win AI ecosystem.

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The AGI Open Source Alliance (AOSA), established in 2024, aims to promote the industrial development of open and open-source AGI technology. As a non-profit, member-based organization, AOSA is committed to building a global cooperative platform that encourages knowledge sharing and innovative collaboration. The alliance focuses on advancing AGI technology and its applications, while fostering the exchange and cooperation of technical talents worldwide. By integrating resource sharing with the fusion of technology and applications, AOSA is creating a diverse and win-win ecosystem, with the goal of achieving rapid development and widespread application of AGI technology.




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